Cheap Seats


To us, being immersed in arts & culture and attending the theatre is priceless... but we can't pass up a good deal! Here's how to score cheap tickets to shows and events in the Toronto area.

First, sign up for free newsletters and/or memberships. They let you know what's on and often send discount codes to members. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Most theatre companies offer subscriptions. If you're interested in seeing several shows at the same theatre or company, you can purchase a subscription and tickets are offered at discounted prices. Usually you need to buy three or more.
  • Rush tickets/lottery. These are like standby seats on a plane. Arrive as early as possible, usually at least an hour in advance.
  • Students always flash your student card when buying tickets — almost every theatre company offers discounts.
  • PWYC pay what you can performances (usually on Sundays).