2013 Toronto Fringe Festival: We Are The Bomb

Another detonating dark comedy by Toronto theatre bombshell Kat Sandler

Presented by Theatre Brouhaha
Written and directed by Kat Sandler

Leave it to Theatre Brouhaha to create consistently relevant, attention-getting theatre. Now playing at The Paddock Tavern (Queen and Bathurst) as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival, Kat Sandler's latest play We Are The Bomb takes place on the eve of modern-day prohibition in Canada. A group of unlikely comrades find themselves bound to a common cause—a riot for their right to drink—and declare their favourite bar a soverign nation. Naturally differences of opinion arise and the "revolution" turns on its head. Hilarity ensues. 

A modern, comedic homage to Lord of the Flies, We Are The Bomb is packed with witty and thought-provoking observations on society, history, politics and relationships. Sandler manages to flesh out six very different and believeable characters in this 60-minute piece: there's a rebellious 16-year-old "Kid" (Caroline Toal) who forms an unlikely friendship with a middle-aged father-like figure named Al (Scott Clarkson); a bookish young woman named Connie (the adorable Caitlin Driscoll) who finds herself on a first date with an apathetic hipster (the always entertaining Daniel Pagett); and of course there's Jack (a wonderfully bombastic Benjamin Blais), the self-appointed leader who dominates the tavern with his awkward, buttoned-down assistant Cam (a character seemingly made for Elliott Loran). 

The production is fast-paced and experly staged, making great use of the tight bar space while excecuting high-stakes action scenes. You'll have to fight to get a ticket to this one. #Bethebomb

We Are The Bomb runs until July 14 at The Paddock Tavern (178 Bathurst Street). Visit fringetoronto.com for showtimes.

Show Dates: 
Wed, 2013-07-03 - Sun, 2013-07-14
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