Feral Child

Jordan Tannahill explores the wild side of humanity in this startling two-hander

Written and directed by Jordan Tannahill
Starring Cynthia Ashperger and William Christopher Ellis

Cynthia Ashperger and William Christopher Ellis in Feral Child. Photo by Mark Peckmezian.

Jordan Tannahill and his Toronto-based theatre company Suburban Beast aim to create “life-altering experiences.” Feral Child, a tense and ultimately disturbing 75-minute play now on stage at the Berkeley Theatre Rehearsal Hall, is definitely one of these unforgettable encounters, for many reasons that I can’t reveal here.

Seated barefoot around an off-white carpet, the audience teeters on the edge of a messy bedroom in Oshawa, where we bear witnesses to an elusive encounter between a precocious teenager (William Christopher Ellis) and the family housekeeper (Cynthia Ashperger), a university-educated Bosnian refugee with a dark past.

The odd pair engage in an awkward back and forth, building to a shocking climax that resonates long after the final scenes (which feel just a bit too hurried in comparison to the lead up). Tannahill gets solid performances out of both cast members though, especially Asperger who connects deeply with the material, delivering a heartbreaking performance as the long-suffering caretaker.

Feral Child runs until September 22 at the Canadian Stage Rehearsal Hall (26 Berkeley Street). Visit canadianstage.com for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Wed, 2012-09-12 - Sat, 2012-09-22
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