The Game Of Love And Chance

A playful revival of a Marivaux's 18th century romantic comedy

Gemma James-Smith and Gil Garratt in The Game of Love and Chance. Photo by

Written by Marivaux
Directed by Matthew Jocelyn
Adapted and translated by Nicolas Billon
A Canadian Stage/Centaur Theatre co-production

Marivaux's classic farce The Game of Love and Chance (Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard) is suddenly au current, thanks to an exciting new translation by award-winning playwright Nicolas Billon, on stage now at the Bluma Appel Theatre in the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. Directed by Matthew Jocelyn, the Canadian Stage and Centaur Theatre co-production adds contemporary humour and style to this charming merry-go-round of mistaken identities, eccentric choreography and proclamations of true love.

The story takes place in the house of Monsieur Orgon (William Webster), a French aristocrat who has arranged for his daughter, Silvia (Trish Lindström), to marry the noble Dorante (Harry Judge). Skeptical about the union, Silvia decides to trade places with her chamber maid, Lisette (Gemma James-Smith), so she can observe her future husband as he really is. Little does she know that Dorante has the same idea and plans to meet her disguised as his servant, Arlequino (Gil Garratt). Meanwhile, Monsieur Orgon and his son Mario (Zach Fraser) are wise to the charade, but of course they don't let on...and much hilarious confusion ensues.

Featuring a dazzling, multi-layered set by Anick La Bissonniére, lively sound design by Lyon Smith, and outrageous movement by Catherine Tardif, The Game of Love and Chance is as fun as theatre gets. The play’s over-the-top silliness is entirely embraced by the cast, with stand-out performances by James-Smith as the adorably coquettish Lisette, and Garratt as her manic pursuer, the vulgar and incredibly flexible Arlequino.

At 90 minutes, this rollicking production is a joy to watch–a fine finale to Canadian Stage’s 2011/2012 season. Don’t miss it!

The Game of Love and Chance runs until May 12 at the Bluma Appel Theatre. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

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