Julie Madly Deeply and The Boy With Tape on His Face

Mirvish brings the best of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Toronto

Presented by David Mirvish and James Seabright for Potted Productions

Julie Madly Deeply
Written and performed by Sarah-Louise Young
Musical direction by Michael Roulston
Directed by Russell Lucas

The Boy With Tape on His Face
Written and performed by Sam Wills

Courtesy of Seabright Productions.

Mirvish is offering double the fun this month with the Best of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival featuring two fantastic shows: Julie Madly Deeply and The Boy With Tape on His Face, now on stage at the Panasonic Theatre.

Julie Madly Deeply is a thrilling tribute to the life and work of Julie Andrews by superfan and award-winning cabaret star Sarah-Louise Young. Accompanied by the endearing Michael Roulston on piano, Young takes us on an enchanting journey through a legendary career spanning almost 70 years.

From Andrews' early days growing up in Surrey, England, performing on stage with her mother Barbara and step-father Ted Andrews, to her 1954 Broadway debut in The Boyfriend, Young demonstrates the highs and lows of the actress' life as she catapulted to fame with starring roles in My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, and later tackled edgier parts such as her gender bending role in Victor Victoria directed by husband Blake Edwards. Despite having a throat operation that effected her ability to sing, Andrews continues to delight audiences today, and Young clearly sees the actress as an ongoing source of inspiration.

Performing a range of songs made famous by Andrews, including "Feed the Birds" and "The Hills are Alive," the extraordinarily talented Young welcomes us to join her celebration of an icon, often breaking the fourth wall to ask the audience questions about their own favourite Julie Andrews memories, and even encouraging us to sing along. Funny, heartfelt, and genuinely entertaining, Julie Madly Deeply goes down like a spoon full of sugar. Don't miss it!

Also on the best of the Edinburgh Fringe bill is Sam Wills' one-man show The Boy With Tape on His Face, a hilarious piece of physical comedy featuring a great soundtrack and plenty of audience participation. Wills' shtick is modern day miming at its funniest. Armed with a carrier bag full of surprises, Wills creates a number of whimsical characters and scenarios with the help of random props and unsuspecting audience members—all the while remaining completely silent. Since his mouth is covered with tape, Wills relies heavily on body language and exaggerated facial expressions to get his point across, and it works brilliantly. The Boy With Tape on His Face is a speechless sensation!

Julie Madly Deeply and The Boy With Tape on His Face run until October 19 at the Panasonic Theatre. Visit Mirvish.com for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Tue, 2014-09-30 - Sun, 2014-10-19
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