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Q&A: Truth or Dare

Calgarian comedy duo Lindsay Mullan and Jamie Northan bring their hit Fringe show to Toronto for a three-night-only performance

Jamie Northan and Lindsay Mullan.

Known in their native Calgary as The Distinctively Average Duo, improv partners Lindsay Mullan and Jamie Northan are up for just about anything, including a live, improvised performance of the classic coming-of-age party game Truth or Dare. After a successful run at the 2012 Calgary Fringe Festival, the Loose Moose Theatre alumni are remounting their acclaimed show for three nights only (Feb 7 to 9) at the Red Sandcastle Theatre in Toronto's east end. Audiences may recognize Northan as Stuart the Clown from Blind Date (a masculine take on his older sister Rebecca Northan's popular solo show).

We caught up with the funny friends to find out more about their latest comedy adventure.

Theatromania: What brings you from Cowtown to Hogtown?

LM: Jamie and I are both originally from Calgary but I moved to Toronto a little over a year ago. Which I’m so glad I did. I love this city. But sadly, I don’t get to perform with my good buddy Jamie as often as I’d like to. So we were on the phone a couple weeks ago and chatting about how much we miss each other and we thought: Truth or Dare in Toronto! So here we are.

JN: West Jet.

Theatromania: What inspired this live improvised performance of Truth or Dare?

LM: We came up with the concept for the show almost two years ago when we were drinking martinis in a restaurant. We started reminiscing about all the most exciting junior high games such as, Spin the Bottle, Seven Minutes in Heaven, and of course Truth or Dare. We wanted to find a way to bring the excitement and naughtiness of these games to the stage, while also finding a way to pull at the audience’s heart strings. Long story short, martinis are a very important element of the artistic process.

JN: Performing with this hot girl named Lindsay.

Theatromania: How would you describe the show in a sentence or two?

LM: Two good friends getting each other into delicious trouble.

JN: A cheeky party game onstage with moments of truth that might surprise you.

Theatromania: Have you come across any topics that are too risqué for the stage?

LM: This show has generated some pretty insane moments. Some of our past shows have been delightfully chaotic. We’ve had nudity, we’ve kissed members of our audience, and we’ve had to share some of our deepest secrets. But I think it’s safe to say that no area is off limits as long as we are inspired.

JN: No.

Theatromania: We dare you to give us an example of something funny or unexpected that happened during a performance.

LM: There was a show where I dared Jamie to kiss a member of the audience. But he’s a cheeky little devil so he picked my mother who happened to be in the audience that evening. Which I found mortifying. Luckily, my father has a good sense of humour.

JN: Making out with Lindsay’s Mom. I hope she’s in town for this.

Theatromania: What's next for you two?

LM: At the moment I am performing in Bad Dog Theatre’s episodic improv show “Hogtown Empire” at Comedy Bar. The big finale is coming up on Wednesday, February 13th.

JN: Blind Date at the Citadel in Edmonton. More work with a woman that I love.

Catch Lindsay Mullan and Jamie Northan in Truth or Dare from Thursday February 7 to Saturday February 9 (8pm) at the Red Sandcastle Theatre (922 Queen Street East). Buy tickets at the door or call the Red Sandcastle Theatre box office: 416-845-9411.


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