SummerWorks 2012: I, Animal

Daniel MacIvor’s latest play speaks to the beast within us all

Presented by Kazan Co-op
Written by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Richie Wilcox

I, Animal cast and crew (L to R): Richie Wilcox, Ingrid Risk, Antonio Cayonne, Kathryn Macellan and Stewart Legere.

A giant silver tree shoots out of the stage, circled by three animal-like spirits: a queer black nurse with a short fuse and a mischievous dog (Antonio Cayonne); a pot-smoking teenage “cat killer” (Stewart Legere), and a rich divorcee with a thing for horses and younger men (Kathryn MacLellan). Each delivers a confession, revealing themselves in a stream-of-consciousness monologue under a resplendent moon.

Featuring Daniel MacIvor’s signature candor and wit, I, Animal, now playing at the SummerWorks Performance Festival, feels like a 75-minute “conversation” with a stranger at a party. While parts of the script could use tightening, the overall experience is wonderfully inviting. Director Richie Wilcox gets fine performances out of the cast, with the hoodie-clad Legere standing out as the audience favourite. A beautifully staged creation.

I, Animal runs until August 19 at the Factory Theatre. Visit for more information and to by tickets.

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