Chasing Margaret Flatwood

Theatre Awakening serves up rich literary satire at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Presented by Theatre Awakening
Written by Robert Watson
Directed by Andrew Lamb

Julia Lederer as Margaret Flatwood. Photo by Andrew Lamb.

Ever wonder how the world's richest people spend their time? What about Toronto's richest? Theatre Awakening offers audiences a mock behind-the-scenes peak at the lives of the city's elite in their latest show Chasing Margaret Flatwood, now playing at the historic Campbell House Museum as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Written by Robert Watson, the play follows an extravagant Rosedale socialite, Vivienne Moore (Catherine McNally), wife of meat processing magnate Gerald Moore (Mark Terene), and her promiscuous, alcoholic sister Jazmin Latrine (Kimwun Perehinec) as they plan what they hope will be the high society event of the year (to rival Vivienne's sworn enemy Heather Riesman of Indigo Books). All they need is for their guest of honour, a certain Canadian literary guru, to make an appearance. But with scandal threatening the family name, and Gerald's disapproving daughter Olivia (Julia Lederer) visiting from university, the oh-so-important party teeters on the brink of disaster. With uproarious results, of course.

Featuring beautifull costumes and set design by Lindsay C. Walker, Chasing Margaret Flatwood feels perfectly at home in the intimate Campbell House venue. Director Andrew Lamb gets fine performances out of the cast—Perehinec is especially hilarious as the sardonic Jazmin—but the material falls flat at times, and the production could be tighter overall.

That being said, most artistic and political-minded Torontonians will get a kick out of Watson's clever theme.

Chasing Margaret Flatwood runs until July 13 at the Campbell House Museum. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Wed, 2014-07-02 - Sun, 2014-07-13
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