Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata

Acting Up Stage Company brings online classifieds to life in this delightful new Canadian musical

Presented by Acting Up Stage Company in association with Factory Theatre
By Veda Hille & Bill Richardson
Directed by Amiel Gladstone

(L to R): Bree Greig, Veda Hille, Daren A. Herbert, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Selina Martin and Barry Mirochnick. Photo: Joanna Akyol.

Looking to buy, sell, barter or rent? Searching for friendship or romance? Since 1995, Craigslist has become the go-to classifieds website for people in cities all over the world. The ubiquitous service is known to almost everyone with an internet connection, but who would have thought it would inspire a musical?

Now playing as part of Factory Theatre's 2013 season, Acting Up Stage Company's Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata, written by by singer songwriter Veda Hille and the CBC's Bill Richardson, sets verbatim text from the website to music in a highly entertaining new production that was first developed and premiered at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver in 2012.

Starring Dmitry Chepovetsky, Bree Greig, Daren A. Herbert, Selina Martin, Veda Hille on piano and Barry Miroschnick on drums, the 90-minute song cycle highlights a hilarious and poignant variety of human whim and fancy that you couldn't possibly make up. From people selling cat hats, sponges, or 300 stuffed penguins, to those in need of a roommate or a lover, the cast plays a wide range of quirky characters, all of them looking for some kind of connection. Certain personalities are familiar: the grammar lady compulsively correcting spelling errors, for example, while others, like a man seeking a volunteer to sit in a bathtub full of noodles, are simply absurd.

Choreographed by Monica Dottor, this fast-paced, beautifully staged production takes full advantage of the theatre space. Director Amiel Gladstone gets strong performances from the talented cast, all of whom fully engage the audience, even jumping in to play instruments now and then, such as a saw violin, electric guitar and flute. Greig steals many scenes with her phenomenal voice, Martin stands out for her oddball expressions and rockstar appeal, Herbert charms us with his silky smooth vocals and adorable sense of humour, while Chepovetsky gets lots of laughs for his spot-on character acting.

Like Craigslist itself, this musical has something for everyone. Get your tickets fast!

Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata runs until March 3 at Factory Theatre. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Wed, 2013-01-30 - Sun, 2013-03-03
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