Everything is Great Again

The Second City's latest show puts sunny spin on grim current events

Presented by The Second City Toronto
Written by Brandon Hackett, Dyvon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nunex and Ann Pornel

L to R: Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nuñez, Ann Pornel, Dyvon Hyland, Brandon Hackett.

The Second City's new mainstage show, Everything is Great Again, covers a range of timely topics, from US-Canadian relations to unaffordable housing and other "Millennial problems," in a most entertaining fashion. Written and performed by Brandon Hackett, Dyvon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nuñez and Ann Pornel, this upbeat sketch comedy explores the highs and lows of dating, relationships, getting older and having kids in 2017,with a bunch of fast-paced, zany skits and audience interaction thrown in for pure fun.

This cast has genuine chemistry and each performer brings a unique presence to the stage, generating big laughs throughout. Stand-out scenes include Nuñez as an overbearing aunt warning about the horrors of parenthood, and later as a mustachioed Mexican musician scorned by his American mistress. Also worth mentioning: Hackett's hilarious portrayal of an overacting extra in a car commercial, Colin Munch having a meltdown about racisim while his girlfriend builds a piece of Ikea furntiture, Hyland's improv abillities as a fictional Canadian pop star, Mullan as a kid bringing her Trump-voting Dad to school for a Q&A session, and Pornel breaking into a fully choreographed dance routine while cleaning her apartment.

This performance will definitely help you forget how messed up things are in the world right now—or at least remind you to keep laughing despite it all.

Everything is Great Again runs until July 1, 2017 at The Second City (51 Mercer Street). Visit secondcity.com for more information and to buy tickets.

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