SummerWorks 2012: Haunted

Physical and spiritual realms intersect in Daniel Karasik’s Haunted

Written and directed by Daniel Karasik

The characters in Daniel Karasik’s latest play see life from different perspectives: Abby (played to perfection by Rosemary Dunsmore) has recently lost her husband and desperately wants to feel something again; she starts attending synagogue and becomes involved with the young rabbi David (Jonathan Widdifield), a man with strong moral convictions. At the same time, her daughter Sarah (Sarah English) suddenly claims to be spending time with her father’s ghost—despite the concerns of her girlfriend Raina (Amelia Sargisson).

Winner of the Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition, Haunted, explores the nature of belief and weighs the value of both earthly and supernatural connections. Featuring beautiful set and costume design by Jung-Hye Kim, ethereal lighting by Andre du Toit, and striking sound design by Verne Good, this well-paced drama is both tragic and highly amusing. Karasik gets fine performances out of the cast, although Dunsmore steals the show with her warm presence and enormous wit. A smart, touching and well executed play by a skilled young Canadian writer and director.

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