Site-Specific Shows

Amy Keating challenges herself in Rosamund Small's latest immersive show

By Lauren Gillett • October 24, 2016

Mitchell Cushman and Julie Tepperman on creating the largest production of immersive, site-specific musical theatre in Canadian history

By Lauren Gillett • April 13, 2015

Up-and-coming performer Connie Wang on her role in Theatre Columbus' new winter show at Evergreen Brick Works

By Lauren Gillett • December 11, 2014

Vanessa Smythe on solo storytelling and staging her new work at the East End Performance Crawl

By Lauren Gillett • May 25, 2014

International performer Johnny O'Callaghan on bringing his fatherly solo show to Toronto's East End Performance Crawl

By Lauren Gillett • May 25, 2014

Outside The March creates a theatrical state of emergency in Toronto

By Lauren Gillett • May 4, 2014

Theatre Columbus lights up the Evergreen Brickworks with Haley McGee's festive outdoor play

By Annie Hodgins • December 20, 2013

Shakespeare BASH'd offers a terrifically different take on a classic tragedy

By Annie Hodgins • November 21, 2013

Naomi Wright inflames and inspires as the daring Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury Collective's unique production at the Campbell House Museum

By Annie Hodgins • November 19, 2013

James Wallis of Shakespeare BASH'd talks about directing The Bard's timeless love story at 3030 Dundas

By Lauren Gillett • November 18, 2013