Between The Sheets

Nightwood Theatre’s latest production offers a tough lesson in love and marriage

By Jordi Mand
Directed by Kelly Thornton

Christine Horne and Susan Coyne in Between The Sheets. Photo Credit: John Lauener.

A parent-teacher interview is an opportunity for the parent of a student to get to know the individual that their child spends each day with. But what if the interview is not really about the student at all?

In Between the Sheets, Nightwood Theatre’s current production, now playing at the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space, a parent-teacher meeting forces two women to examine their lives in a harsh light, while learning to see the situation from both sides.

Teresa (Christine Horne) is a young, attractive teacher at a very reputable elementary school. On parent-teacher interview night, she is finishing up and putting away files when Marion (Susan Coyne), the mother of one of her students, walks into her classroom. It is immediately clear that Marion has an agenda, as she asks very pointed questions to the young teacher, interrogating her aggressively. Marion specifically wants to know why her husband, Curtis, is the only one in the family that Teresa communicates with, and as she continues to press the issue, we soon realize what kind of relationship the teacher has with Curtis. Marion knows Teresa’s secret, and has come to confront her about it.

What ensues from this point on is a very intense, emotional dialogue between Marion and Teresa which brings out the women’s individual issues. Their talk, at first, is filled with bitter words, as Marion blames Teresa for ruining her family.

It’s difficult to pick a side, however, as Horne’s character, Teresa, is a likeable woman who has recently undergone major surgery to remove her uterus, which is a huge part of who she is. As the women continue speaking, they become more comfortable with one another and Marion reveals a great deal to Teresa about her husband and the life she has created with him.

The audience is left feeling sorry for both women—for middle-aged Marion, because her life has been turned upside down, and young Teresa, who has found herself in a very delicate, difficult situation, where she is in love with a married man.

Director Kelly Thornton gets fine performances out of both women, although Horne is especially excellent as Teresa. At only an hour long, this gripping production keeps the audience on the edge of our seats and leaves us wanting more.

Between the Sheets runs from September 18 to October 7 at the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Tue, 2012-09-18 - Sun, 2012-10-07
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