Punch Up

Kat Sandler strikes comedy gold with this devastatingly funny Toronto Fringe show

Presented by Theatre Brouhaha
Written and directed by Kat Sandler

Caitlin Driscoll, Colin Munch and Tim Walker in Kat Sandler's Punch Up.

Comedy and tragedy are uniquely blended in Toronto indie theatre darling Kat Sandler's latest show Punch Up, now enjoying a sold-out run at the Toronto Fringe Festival. This darkly hilarious three-hander follows Duncan (Tim Walker), a lonely loser who kidnaps a washed up comic (Colin Munch) to win the heart of Brenda, the "Saddest Girl in the World" (Caitlin Driscoll). Duncan believes that if "The Funniest Guy in the World" can teach him how to make Brenda laugh he will be able to stop her from kiliing herself. The result, true to Sandler's winning style, is outrageously entertaining and surprisingly poignant.

Sandler's knack for realistic dialogue makes this story not only feasible, but gleefully relatable. Of course, the script is heightened by an extraordinary cast: Munch's quick wit and frenetic energy are brilliantly paired with Walker's down-to-earth approach. Both have excellent timing. Throw Driscoll's sardonic, endearing Brenda in the mix and it's clear why this fast-paced production is garnering so much buzz at this year's festival. Did we mention it was selected as one of the Patron's Picks?

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Show Dates: 
Fri, 2014-07-04 - Sun, 2014-07-13
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