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Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction

Toronto's favourite clown sisters awaken to spiritual differences in latest show

Presented by Kabin and U.N.I.T Productions
Directed and dramaturged by Byron Laviolette
Featuring Sefton Jackson, Elliott Loran and Anand Rajaram

Heather Marie Annis, Amy Lee and Anand Rajaram. Photo by Alex Nirta.

Need a pick-me-up this month? Send in the clowns! Creators Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee are back with their englightening new production Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction, now playing at the Streetcar Crowsnest for a limited run.

Performed on a mostly empty stage with limited props, this 90-minute journey follows the hilarious clown sisters as they navigate the rules of  a new religion invented primarily by a tyrannical Jasp, with the help of three supporting characters: an aspirational usher/performer (Elliott Loran), a brokenhearted technician (Sefton Jackson) and a hapless FedEx delivery man (Anand Rajaram). Of course, the audience is also invited to participate in the adventure throughout.

The story itself is loosely structured, with a great deal of tension revolving around a mysterious package, snack-sized bags of cheezies and electrical malfunctions interpreted as messages from the divine.

Stupefaction ultimately highlights a different side of the clown sisters: the show's themes are darker and more introspective than usual. However, fans can expect the usual sharp wit from Jasp and Morro's physical antics are zany as ever. This feels like a natural progression into weightier fare, with just the right amount of silly sprinkled in.

Don't miss Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction, on stage until June 24 at Streetcar Crowsnest (345 Carlaw Avenue). Visit for more information and to buy tickets. 

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