Terms & Conditions

Theatromania Terms of Service (TOS):

To Use Our Services, You:

  • Must be at least 13 years old (with some limited exceptions) 
  • May need to register with us to access and use some of our services and websites 
  • Must not initiate or participate in any activities on our services that are illegal, harmful, or interfere with anyone's use of our services, including the sending of e-mail or instant messaging spam 

If You Post Content On a Service, You:

  • May post content that you create or have been given permission to post by the owner, is legal, and doesn't violate the TOS 
  • Are responsible for content that you post to our services and assume all risks of posting personal information online 
  • Continue to own the content but grant Theatromania a license to use and distribute your content 

The Content On Theatromania Is:

  • Owned by us or our suppliers and may only be used as we specify 
  • For general information, discussion, and entertainment purposes only and we make no representations or guarantees about the truth, accuracy, or quality of any content 

If You Subscribe to One Of Our Paid Services, You:

  • Must provide us with accurate billing information, which we will keep on file 
  • Agree to pay all charges incurred on your account 
  • Acknowledge that surcharges may apply to some services, all charges are nonrefundable, and we may change any of our paid services at any time 
  • Are responsible for all fees necessary to access our services, including Internet access and text messaging fees and other wireless carrier charges 
  • May cancel a paid service by calling, sending a fax, or mailing a letter to us 

You Also Agree That We:

  • Can change or end our services at any time without notice 
  • Can place advertising, which supports our services, within applications, on web pages, and on mobile devices