The Second City Presents: Canada The Thinking Man's America

The Second City celebrates our nation's 150th birthday with Canadian-themed show

Presented by The Second City Touring Company

L to R: Greg Cochrane, Nadine Djoury, Sharjil Rasool, Allana Reoch, Aimee Ambroziak, Josh Murray. Photo by Racheal McCaig.

The Second City Touring Company's Canada: The Thinking Man's America pays homage to our home and native land with a series of Canuk-style sketches poking fun at our beloved country. Featuring Greg Cochrane, Sharjil Rasool, Allana Reoch, Aimee Ambroziak, Nadine Djoury and Josh Murray, this sesquicentennial show combines classic Canadian bits with newer material, and a few skits that have nothing to do with Canada at allfor example, a super cute story about robots falling in love!

Other performance highlights include a hilarious scene with two French Canadians in a hair salon played by Ambroziak and Djoury, a discussion involving sex positions named after Canadian foods, such as "the poutine," and a brilliant portrayal of fearless raccoons in the city, to name just a few.

While we may be in better shape these days than our neighbours to the south, this fun-filled production reminds us that we still have plenty to laugh at ourselves about. Canada: The Thinking Man's America runs until October 17, 2017. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Mon, 2017-05-15 - Tue, 2017-10-17
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