Venus In Fur

Canadian Stage's production is aesthetically and intellectually stimulating

Presented by Canadian Stage
Written by David Ives
Directed by Jennifer Tarver
Starring Rick Miller and Carly Street

Rick Miller and Carly Street in Venus in Fur. Photo by David Hou.

Power is a dangerous and sexy game in David Ives' Broadway hit Venus In Fur, now on stage in an original Canadian Stage production starring Rick Miller and Carly Street at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. 

Set in a New York City studio on audition day, the play tells the story of a young actress who is determined to land the lead in a new play based on the sadomasochistic novel Venus In Furs. After a long day of auditions, playwright and director Thomas (Miller) still hasn't found his leading lady when the plain-speaking and persistent Vanda (Street) bursts into the studio insisting on doing a reading. The self-important Thomas dismisses Vanda as trashy at first, only to be blown away by her surprisingly sophisticated acting abilities. As the pair enter the seductive world of the play, the lines between fact and fiction blur, and the balance of power shifts in an edge-of-your seat battle of the sexes.

Featuring a spacious set and extravagant costumes by Debra Hanson, enchanting lighting by Michael Walton and subtle sound design by Lyon Smith, Venus in Fur is sensually appealing as well as entertaining. Director Jennifer Tarver gets electrifying performances out of the cast, allowing the natural chemistry between Miller and Street to shine through with magnetic force. Street is especially engaging as the chameleon-like Vanda, switching between personas in a victorious demonstration of talent and skill.

At 90-minutes with no intermission, this fast-paced production is a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of the representation of women in art and society. A steamy, must-see piece of theatre.

Venus In Fur runs until October 27 at the Bluma Appel Theatre. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Sun, 2013-09-29 - Sun, 2013-10-27
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