Weather The Weather

Theatre Columbus lights up the Evergreen Brickworks with Haley McGee's festive outdoor play

Presented by Theatre Columbus
Written by Haley McGee
Directed by Jennifer Brewin

Colin Doyle, Lisa Karen Cox, Courtenay Stevens, Amy Lee and Kawa Ada in Theatre Columbus' Weather the Weather.

Theatre Columbus' latest outdoor production at Evergreen Brickworks, Weather the Weather or How We Make It Home Together is a delightful, family-friendly experience that will warm your heart, despite your freezing toes. The play follows the exploits of bickering, displaced siblings Daga (Amy Lee) and Diwrnod (Kawa Ada) as they negotiate their journey home in the wake of an apocalyptic storm.

This unique and enchanting theatre event has audience members following a glowing lampshade on a trek through nine stations in and around the Brickworks complex, with a soundtrack of live trombone and synthesized music setting the mood for suspended disbelief. The play is based on a Swedish fairy tale, so don't be surprised when your winter's night stroll through the Don Valley is interrupted by repeated encounters with the magnetic, mischievous sky troll Igora (Lisa Karen Cox) and a goofy magical prince (Courtenay Stevens), along with their hilarious attendant gnome, Tomte (Colin Doyle), and minions. There is a definite air of Alice in Wonderland about it, so children should be encouraged to stay up past bedtime and attend.

Haley McGee's script interweaves age-old themes of home and diaspora with just the right amount of Timbits and fireside banter to make this a truly Canadian celebration of the place we all call home.

Weather the Weather runs until December 30 at the Evergreen Brickworks. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Show Dates: 
Fri, 2013-12-06 - Mon, 2013-12-30
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