Canadian Plays

Toronto Fringe hit returns with a hilarious mash-up of Broadway's biggest shows

By Lauren Gillett • December 21, 2013

Rob van Meenen's new play is a karmic theatre experiment in need of remedy

By Lauren Gillett • December 11, 2013

Playwright Rob van Meenan on life lessons, risky theatre and his new show opening at Factory Studio Theatre

By Lauren Gillett • December 4, 2013

Robert Lepage's jazz-inspired homage to art, love and addiction plays like a gritty black-and-white film

By Lauren Gillett • November 23, 2013

A beautifully written play about love, loss and acceptance

By Lauren Gillett • November 21, 2013

A thoughtful and painfully personal look at the relationship between mental health and criminal justice


By Lauren Gillett • November 15, 2013

Co-creators James Long and Marcus Youssef on the competitive nature of their two-man show

By Lauren Gillett • November 14, 2013

George F. Walker's disadvantaged youth return in a modest play with enormous heart

By Lauren Gillett • November 5, 2013

Theatre Lab's Omar Hady and Michael Orlando stage a collaborative Halloween horrorshow in Toronto's historic Campbell House Museum

By Lauren Gillett • October 23, 2013

Sarah Berthiaume's play shines a harsh light into dark corners of Northern Canada

By Lauren Gillett • October 20, 2013