Canadian Plays

Erin Shields’ quirky comedy chronicles a respectable woman’s journey over the edge of Niagara Falls

By Lauren Gillett • August 18, 2012

Birdtown and Swanville’s Dumbo Squid offers an unsettling glimpse into psychopathic minds

By Victoria Bégin • August 17, 2012

Love hurts in Jason Maghanoy’s chilling new play

By Lauren Gillett • August 14, 2012

A playful, thought-provoking take on modern-day women’s rights

By Lauren Gillett • August 13, 2012

Mani Soleymanlou shines in this winning solo performance

By Victoria Bégin • August 12, 2012

Worlds collide in Nicolas Billon’s compelling three-hander

By Victoria Bégin • August 12, 2012

Life is but a dream in Matthew Sarookanian’s quirky new play

By Lauren Gillett • July 17, 2012

Hope and heartache collide in this harrowing family drama

By Lauren Gillett • July 15, 2012

Chris Craddock reveals a seductive spiritual side in Porn Star

By Lauren Gillett • July 14, 2012

Tracey Erin Smith talks about her solo show Snug Harbor

By Lauren Gillett • July 13, 2012