Everything Is Fine

It's all good according to these Second City Conservatory graduates performing at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Presented by Haggard Bitch productions
By Gillian Anderson, Gillian Bartolucci, Kristie Gunter, Ted Hambly, Steve Hobbs, Marshall Lorenzo, Nicky Nasrallah and Allana Reoch

Cast of Everything Is Fine. Photo by Liz Beddall.

Everything Is Fine offers a fun smorgasbord of sketches spanning from farce, to musical, to dark comedy. Under the award-winning direction of Ken Hall, this series of skits veers from the absolutely ridiculous (for example, a sketch where characters literally die because of bad puns) to politically inclined, touching upon issues like abortion, the housing bubble, and gentrification in Kensington market. In the last scenario Loblaws, hilariously but also realistically, is the villain.

The many talents of this ensemble cast of Second City grads are given a chance to shine across multiple genres. Highlights include a real estate agent who's able to market a house even though it contains a portal straight to hell, and a sketch where two shallow millennial girls find themselves in PARTY PURGATORY: a place where they inexplicably keep verbalizing the existential dilemmas brought on by their mind numbing vapidity. Acting and improv skills are strong across the board with Gillian Bartolucci offering numerous hilarious standout performances.

Of course, in a play with so many different components, some are stronger than others. Whatever your thoughts on Stephen Harper, the sketch revolving around the singular concept of the Prime Minister being a dog should probably be re-thought. All in all however, Everything Is Fine is an entertaining production offering many laugh out loud moments from a gifted cast of comedians.

Visit everythingisfine.ca for more information.

Show Dates: 
Fri, 2014-07-04 - Sun, 2014-07-13
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