Toronto, I Love You

Bad Dog Theatre Repertory Players show off their improv prowess at the Toronto Fringe

Presented by the Bad Dog Repertory Players
Directed by Julie Dumais Osbourne

Etan Muskat, Hannah Spear, Sean Tabares, Colin Munch, Kirsten Rasmussen, Kyle Dooley, Ashley Comeau, Liz Johnston & Anders Yates

Looking for guaranteed laughs at this year's Toronto Fringe Festival? Check out Toronto, I Love You, an unscripted, unconventional love letter to the city presented by the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated Bad Dog Repertory Players.

Leading the talented troupe is the hilarious Colin Munch (who also stars in Kat Sandler's Fringe hit Punch Up). Other cast members include: Craig Anderson, Jess Bryson, Ashley Comeau, Kyle Dooley, Etan Muskat, Paloma Nunez, Kirsten Rasmussen, Evany Rosen, Hannah Spear, Sean Tabares and Anders Yates.

Featuring music by Nicolas Di Gaetano, the show takes audiences on an unpredictable ride through familiar or "secret" places in Toronto, as was the theme on Wednesday night. Taking suggestions from the crowd to determine where each scene takes place, the group stitched together three unique storylines involving the bat cave at the ROM, a west-end park the day after Halloween and a Parkdale patio using a blend of physical comedy and off-the-cuff observational humour.

Catch Toronto, I Love you at the Toronto Fringe festival if you can still get tickets. Otherwise, be sure to pay a visit to Bad Dog's new home at 875 Bloor St. W - opening this August.

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Show Dates: 
Fri, 2014-07-04 - Sun, 2014-07-13
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